Your guide to second-hand cars!

There are many second-hand car dealers in the market. On the one hand – that’s good for you as a customer. But on the other hand, it is also quite hard for you as a customer to determine how much quality and security you can expect from a certain dealer. What are the MUSTs for you (do you need) to pay attention for when buying a second-hand car? What can help you to pick the right second-hand car dealer for you? Welcome to our second-hand car guide!

In this place Dirk Martin who has more than 20 years experience in the second-hand car business is happy to share his knowledge with you in order to make your second-hand car purchase a long-lasting joyful and satisfying experience. Dirk Martin is the owner of Martin Automobile in Lübeck and runs the family business in second generation.

What to watch out for at a second-hand car dealer!

Checklist: 10 tips for buying a second-hand car


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